Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Return of STARBURST Magazine! Back in print 2012

For the past 8 or so months, I have been writing a column for the online version of Starburst Magazine, the longest running Sci-fi/Horror/genre/cult magazine in the world. The magazine, started by the legendary Dez Skinn in 1978 as a Sci-Fi version of his Hammer House of Horror title, and did very well for many years, until it changed hands several times, eventually disappearing altogether.
2011 saw the return of the title, as an online magazine, run by enthusiastic fans of the genre, rather than 'money men' The success of the free to read online version - in which my column, Horror Obscura, appeared from day one - has prompted the return of the magazine to the newstands, the first available issue will be number 374, in February 2012. You can get subscribtions from here and it's highly recommeded that you do, since the first few issues will be a very limited print run, and thus highly collectable.

And to top the deal, my column will be a regular feature in that printed issue!

Thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy the magazine when it hits the stands!

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