Thursday, 21 June 2012

Frank Sidebottom..Two Years Gone.

It's amazing, in the worst possible way, that two years have gone since the world lost one of the greatest entertainers and men - Chris Sievey, better known as Frank Sidebottom.
The following video was filmed by me on the eve of my 40th Birthday. Spent the whole night chatting to Chris, getting more and more drunk while ignoring work mates. Perfect.
There isn't a day goes past that I don't think of him, and my life is certainly the poorer for him not being here. I'm just glad I got to know him a little, and got to enjoy (and often take part in) some great Frank shows.
If you can spare some change, please try and support the Statue Fund, which aims to erect a statue of Frank in his beloved Timperley, or donate to your local cancer charities. Thank you.

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