Friday, 5 April 2013

We Belong Dead Has Risen From The Grave!

we belong dead issue 9 magazine

For the past few months, on the Facebook group for his fondly remembered '90s fanzine, We Belong Dead, Eric McNaughton has been teasing about the return to print, for its 9th issue, of the magazine.
Well, this morning the finished product dropped onto my doormat. To say I was blown away wouldn't be an understatement. A high quality in the writing, presentation and content in the digest sized 80 pages is mouth watering.
Focusing on the much overlooked, but burgeoning classic horror scene this taps right into my interests. As regular followers for this blog may know (yes, there is at least one - thank you Mr. Leach) I write a regular piece in Starburst Magazine, in which I try to open the eyes of the younger readers to the forgotten or bygone days of horror films. Well, after reading this issue, I seriously will have to up my game to compete. And, thanks to the marvelous piece on Amando De Ossorio's Blind Dead films by John Llewellyn Probert, I will have to shelve a piece I was planning on writing for a while.
A "best of" the previous 8 issues is planned for later this year, and I do hope the magazines success will spur Eric (and, indeed, all the brilliant contributors who deserve all the praise in the world) to get cracking on issue 10.
You can purchase the mag (which I strongly advise you to do sooner rather than later as it's a limited run) from The Classic Horror Campaign website, Hemlock Books, and some of the better comic/film stores (I believe fabulous The Cinema Store in London will be stocking it among others) for £5.99
The mag is also available as a digital E-book from this site for a mere £3.

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