Sunday, 21 June 2015

Frank Sidebottom - Five Years Gone

Hard to believe, but it has been five years since the wonderful Chris Sievey was taken from us.
There's not a day goes by that I personally don't think about the fun, laughs and great music the man gave us, and no doubt I bore friends with stories of him far too often.
Since his passing, the world has come to appreciate both Chris' music and the iconic image of Frank Sidebottom more and more. The Michael Fassbender film Frank opened even more doors for people to check out the legend, despite merely being 'inspired' by the great man's story.
A book, written by legendary rock journalist Mick Middles, entitled Out of His Head covers a lot of ground for those looking to delve deeper into the Frank/Chris mythos, and is highly recommended.
we continue to remember the man as he was, and mourn the loss to the world, and more so his family and friends.
Chris, as always, I salute you. I'll sink a few for you for old times' sake.