Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One year gone...

A year ago today, we lost musician, animator, comedian, artist, and friend, Chris Sievey. Better known to many as Frank Sidebottom.
As Frank, he polarised audiences like very few artists could. You either totally loved him, or hated him and wanted to punch his head in. Some tried, not realising it wasn't papier mache after all but fibreglass. Which ever side you were on, it didn't matter, Frank loved it. He relished winding up the people who "didn't get it"
There are not enough words to describe the hole this man has left in my life, and indeed the lives of those who knew him, worked with him, and followed him.

My only hope is that Chris knew how much people loved him. In character and out. The guy was a genius.
It's been said before, about many other people, but I can honestly say it from personal experience this time, there will never be another.. My thoughts are with Gemma, Stirling, Harry and Asher and all of Chris' family.
We miss you boss... You know we do, we really do. Thank you.

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