Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Short film review: DONE IN (2014) Guy Henry -directed by Adam Stephen Kelly

Reviewing short films is a difficult task; especially when the film in question runs for only 8 minutes. However, with Adam Stephen Kelly's Done In an extra difficult element is brought into play: how much do you give away of the plot without completely spoiling it for the viewer?
The basis of the film is a man (Holby City's Guy Henry - but who was also under the makeup as Dr. Terror/Walpurgis for BBC2's early '90s horror film season) writing a suicide note. He explains how is life is not worth living following the death of his wife.
It's a very eloquent and poetic note, narrated by Henry with a sultry, soothing, voice reminiscent of John Hurt. It's a heartbreaking feeling of a man whose loss is crushing him daily. Needless to say, there is somewhat of a sting in the tale.
Assuredly directed, beautifully written and with an imposing score, it's a brilliant example of less is more. Kelly is a talent to what out for in the future, that's for sure.
Done In is the latest production from Dark Arts Films, whose first feature Dead of the Nite was released last year, and will not doubt go down very well on the festival circuit where short films are more readily embraced, so if you get the chance do go and check it out.
UPDATE: The official poster has now been revealed (and updated above) - and 'The Geek' gets its first poster mention!

9 out of 10

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