Friday, 18 April 2014

Short film review: KITTY KITTY (2013) Directed by Blair Richardson

kitty kitty poster blair richardson
Coming after the rather fabulous First Date, writer/director Blair Richardson proves she didn't just have a fluke with this slightly longer (15 minute) tale in which a couple's relationship problems are exacerbated by a creepy cat.
Vanessa (Madison Rae Stewart) isn't too impressed with her artist boyfriend Mark (Landon Cole). She goes to work all the time while he sits at home, hoping his paintings will sell. She's also feeling rather unwell - and since we have already seen her in a compromising position with another man, we can assume what that might be. When she arrives home she's annoyed to find Mark has taken in a stray cat. She insists it goes, but the next day it turns up again. There's certainly something amiss with this rogue feline.
kitty kitty blair richardson
Full disclosure here - I'm not a fan of cats; I'm incredibly allergic so I already have a natural fear of them. That said, the cat here isn't as evil as some - well, certainly not when we see it in cat form at least. Using as much of a slow-burn build up as possible in a short, Richardson manages to create a sense of something not right while allowing us to get to know something about the characters. With some great fake scares (with a Psycho homage and some interesting shadow-play) which don't come across as lame as they do in many films that 'try' too hard. It could have worked even just as a relationship drama, the 'horror' ending is just the icing on the cake for us gore-hounds.
Which brings us to the effects. The film was funded on Indiegogo with a final fund of just under $3.500 - so it's amazing that Richardson managed to make a film incorporating such great practical effects for the budget. She must have a very understanding and talented crew as well as a very persuasive personality! The creature could have done with not being as brightly lit - sometimes less is more - but it's still a fantastic achievement and doesn't look at all tacky.
kitty kitty blair richardson
Kitty Kitty is worth catching should it find its way onto the festivals, keep an eye on the Facebook page for any news. I, for one, can't wait to see what Blair Richardson comes up with next, this lady has a bright future ahead!
8 out of 10

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